Fabrick has produced a number of award-winning videos that share our extensive knowledge, expertise and connections within the construction industry, property, architecture and the built environment. 

They provide insights on important, and key topics, such as sustainability, the skills shortage and building a better future.

The videos include many of the Fabrick team – present and future – and aim to entertain, educate and inspire all within the built environment.

We hope you enjoy watching them and remember to keep checking the website for new videos added.

Fabrick 2023 project highlights

Are you intrigued to see what the Fabrick team has achieved in 2023?  This 1-minute video showcases some of the client projects we helped deliver.  Enjoy!

Fabrick selfie challenge

What happens when you capture built environment professionals in a large LinkedIn selfie frame?  Watch this video to find out!

Fabrick Kids Talk… the outtakes

This entertaining video captures the outtakes from our recent Fabrick Kids Talks.... series. It includes some very sweet and funny moments so is worth a watch.

Fabrick Kids Talk…Sustainability

Fabrick Kids Talk... is a must-see for anyone interested in sustainability. The kids interviewing techniques were superb, with some entertaining answers!

Fabrick Talks…building a better future

In our latest Fabrick Talks... video series, Fabrick's MD interviews well-known personnel to discuss building a better future.

Fabrick Talks…Skills in the built environment

Watch Fabrick's video discussions on construction skills to gain direct insights from numerous industry figures and university students.

Fabrick Talks….Sustainability in the built environment

Watch our video series, Fabrick Talks...Sustainability, to discover what industry colleagues and clients have to say on this key topic.

Award-winning Property Protection and Business Resilience CPD

This award-winning online CPD from client, BSA, highlights the benefits and value from installing sprinklers into buildings.