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    Fabrick is a full-service construction marketing and construction PR agency. Our teams work exclusively for B2B clients across architecture, property, construction and the built environment; creating award-winning content marketing campaigns that deliver genuine ROI. 

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Communciate your story with Fabrick’s PR services

Our construction and property PR specialists have built many industry brands through our extensive connections and PR skillset.  We understand the industry and we know how to get your brand in front of your target audiences.

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Let Crisis Communications save your business

Experience tells us that a crisis can hit hard and fast when working within a high-risk industry such as construction. Let our crisis communications experts help your built environment business be prepared and save your brand’s reputation.

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Drive the conversation with social media

Social media is an influential tool that every construction, property, architectural and engineering business should invest in. Our experienced teams can help your business lead the conversations and use these to inform and influence your target audiences.

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37 years of industry knowledge and connections

Fabrick is not like other UK marketing and PR agencies. Fabrick is a specialist marketing and PR agency that, for 37 years, has been creating campaigns for companies of all sizes across 13 market sectors within the built environment. Our in-house teams understand the challenges the construction and property industry faces, and we use this to deliver projects that make a real difference to our client’s businesses.

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Fabrick's marketing specialists deliver extensive service offering

Our 25+ in-house team of marketing and communications professionals is highly skilled in delivering impactful online and offline content and PR campaigns for clients of all sizes across construction, property and the built environment.

  • Our digital marketing experts have given many of our construction, architectural, engineering and property clients a strong online presence
  • Our creative designers have helped create award-winning construction brands
  • Our copywriters and construction PR and property PR specialists have helped tell the story of many contractors, housebuilders, developers, product manufacturers and consultants
  • Our social media enthusiasts have helped trade associations educate their audiences
  • Our website developers have supported architects showcase their experience
  • Our strategic marketing team has helped maintain the market position of industry leaders

We have the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver campaigns that make a real difference to our clients’ businesses.

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Sector knowledge and passion

Fabrick has a real passion for construction and the built environment.  We love the diversity it offers and our knowledge and understanding of the market sectors within this industry is superb. We know the challenges our clients face – whether they’re an industry leader or newcomer – and we have the experience of providing solutions that allow them to meet their business and marketing objectives.

We are Fabrick and we are the 2021 Construction Marketing Agency of the Year. 

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